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Energy Monitors

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Energy Monitors

Do you know which appliances in your home or office use the most energy? Energy monitors can help you find out.

Energy monitors show you in real-time how much electricity your home is using, when you turn on a light or other electrical appliance they display shows the change in load. Many energy monitors also show the cost of electricity being used.

Energy monitors range from devices which plug in and monitor a single lamp or appliance – good for really working out how much electricity your TV uses, for example – to those which connect to a computer and allow you to see graphically how much energy you've been using.

Energy Monitor Log of Oven

The chart shows how much electricity was used while baking bread – you can see how the oven uses a lot of energy as it heats up and then the thermostat turns the electricity on and off to keep the oven at the right temperature. The two big spikes show when a kettle was used while the bread was baking.

It's been estimated that almost £1 billion is wasted each year by leaving appliances on when they're not being used and energy monitors can help reduce this.


Last Updated on Wednesday, 31 August 2011 14:54  

News from the Eco Fair

Greening Horsham Eco-Fair

Energy for Home and Small Businesses

On the 22nd October 2011 Greening Horsham - in cooperation with Transition Horsham - will be hosting an Eco-Fair with an emphasis on Energy-Saving solutions for Home and Small Businesses in the Horsham Area.

The fair will be at County Hall North, Chartway, Horsham - the former RSA building by the Black Jug - from 10:00 am until 4:00 pm, see a map of the location here.

We're still organising the exact details, but there will be a range of exhibitors showing how you can save  money by saving energy and how you can generate your own energy as well.  There will also be some local people talking about what they're doing.

Click on Eco Fair in the Menu on the left for more articles connected with the Eco-Fair.

We'll keep updating this website as we get closer to the fair.